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Shandong Nalong Hi-tech Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. (name of a company), established as a subsidiary of Shengli Highland Petroleum Engineering Services Co., Ltd. in November 2011, is a private, joint-stock and integrated enterprise, engaging in development of petroleum engineering technologies, petroleum process technology services, petrochemical, petroleum machinery equipment and accessories, manufacturing and sales of instrumentation. With special attention to talents and emphasis on efficiency, the company implements strict quality policies and is always responsible for customers with respect to the quality to seek continuous progress, all of which lays a solid foundation for development and growth of the company.

The company is founded with a registered capital of 10 million Yuan, occupying a land area of about 20 thousands square meters, of which about 9,000 square meters is used as production workshops and 4,000 square meters is used as office areas. There are in total 117 employees, among which 1 holds doctor's degree, 4 hold master's degrees, and 20 are qualified senior site service technicians. It has a production technology R&D team composed of 11 persons from Shengli Highland Petroleum Engineering Services Co., Ltd. and Shandong Nalong Hi-tech Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd., 26 employees hold HSE (health, safety and environmental) certificates and well control certificates issued by Sinopec Group

To satisfy the demands from oilfields, the company has developed 19 types of new and high-efficiency oil production additives, including oligomeric fracturing fluid system, acid thickening agent system and amphiphilic polymer fracturing fluid system, which contributes to outstanding stimulation performance for the users. It gains prevailing popularity among a number of large fields of the country.

The company has passed the certification of QHSE Management system.

In front of the opportunities offered and the challenges imposed by the situations at home and abroad, the company will always follow the policy “people-oriented development and technology-based prosperity”, the spirit “integrity, innovation, practicality and high-efficiency” and the tenet “to supply quality products” in order to make further reform of the enterprise with continuous steps, to improve management and realize accelerated technical innovation, thus improving its market competiveness.

The company aims to and strives to play a leading role in international oilfield development process technologies.

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